Our beach weekend: lindsay and I hanging out with the dogs on the beach!

Weekend Recap: February 5

This weekend my family and I headed to the beach for a little weekend getaway. It was so nice to experience a change of pace. Being able to share in time together, relax, and create memories is so worth making a road trip. I love using the blog as a space to recap little bits of my life and to collect photos. This weekend was very fun and very necessary, and we took so many nice pictures I couldn’t help but share them. Let me know in the comments section what you were up to this weekend, and enjoy the post!

Our beach weekend: lindsay and I hanging out with the dogs on the beach!

Weekend Recap: Friday

Friday after class I packed my things and headed home. After packing the car high with suitcases and duffel bags, (and prepping the snacks for the ride), I, my family, and my sister’s boyfriend Ryan settled into our respective spots in the car. My spot meant being cozy under a blanket (an essential in the car, right?!) with Louie and Macy in her little travel playpen on my left. I spent part of the ride reading. Specifically, I was working my way through Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. There will be a full review up sometime in the next week, so if you’re curious, keep an eye out! Eventually though, I put the book away after sunset and spent the rest of the car ride singing and dancing to music. Is it really a roadtrip if you don’t sing your heart out on the way?

Beach Weekend Recap February 1

It was FREEZING when we arrived, but we powered through, taking care of the puggles and getting everything inside. After freshening up we grabbed dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant our family frequents. Once we got back we watched some Live PD and then headed off to bed.

Weekend Recap: Saturday

Saturday morning, we all slept in (after the pugs early morning walk and breakfast at 6am-good job Mom and Linds for powering through and taking care of them!) Dad made some pancakes and bacon. It’s such a change having a breakfast mad by my dad after having dining hall food every day! We just hung out and relaxed after breakfast, which was nice. Getting to just be is sometimes the most underrated part of getting away. I spent some time reading while everyone else worked on to-do list items or relaxed and watched TV. We headed to a really late lunch/early dinner-my parents wanted crabs! If you’re not from Maryland, crabs are kind of our thing. I’m not a huge fan though, so I had some appetizer stuff that was delicious. It was a really nice night out.

After dinner, we went back, relaxed, and watched some Live PD. If you can’t tell, my family freaking loves Live PD. Oh, and of course, we tuned into HQ, the live trivia game show you play on your phone. If you don’t have it, it’s pretty cool, especially if you have lots of random trivia knowledge (there’s cash prizes given out every game for the winners!) We got some ice cream at our favorite spot, Dumser’s, and then spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Weekend Recap: Sunday

Sunday always are a little bittersweet on a weekend away, because it means the weekend is coming to an end that often feels all too soon. My dad and I made a Dunkin run (actually, two Dunkin runs because the first one we went to was pretty sketchy). Iced coffee and donut fueled, my sister Lindsay, her boyfriend Ryan, and I headed down to the beach to take some photos and look at the water, even though it was cold outside. It was so fun getting to just goof around and we got some really nice pictures out of it! On the ride home from the beach, I’m always a little bummed to be leaving, but also am so refreshed and happy after getting away. I spent most of the ride working on homework and getting ahead for the week.

I hope you had a great weekend whether you were home or away! Let me know what you did this weekend in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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