Summer Skincare: 5 Products I Can’t Live Without

Summer: my favorite season, long days spent in the sand, sun, and sea. I spend tons of time outside during the summer, and while it’s super fun, things like sunburns, chafing, and just general wear-and-tear come along with the hours of memory-making. Summer skincare should be refreshing, nourishing, and softening. If your skin is happy and healthy, you’ll look and feel your best and be ready for all that summer has to offer!

There are a few summer skincare products that I have been dying to share recently because they are such life-savers when it comes to keeping my skin radiant, soft, and prepped for any occasion this summer brings.

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This summer, I’m living at the beach and working with my sister, which means I spend my days making donuts and ice cream, or reading, swimming, and tanning in the sun for hours on end. Aside from looking and feeling my best, I also need my summer skincare products to protect my skin from damaging sun rays and other harmful elements.

Let’s get started!

Summer Skincare Must-Have #1:

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Sun Bum has, over the past few years, transformed the way I use sunscreen. I love the smell and feel of this product and I very rarely, if ever, burn while wearing it. It smells like bananas and happiness and summer. I have used their face sticks, face sunscreen, lip balm SPF, and of course, my go-to is the SPF 70 sunscreen, which I use all over my body.

My pro-tip is to order Sun Bum from Amazon. While they sell it at a few various places, like some Ulta or Target stores, Amazon carries the full line of products, and I’ve found it to be less expensive overall.

Summer Skincare Must-Have #2:

CocoShea Cucumber from Bath & Body Works

After a long day in the sun, I really want to feel refreshed, cool, and relaxed. The cucumber line of products from the CocoShea collection at Bath and Body Works is my absolute favorite way to do this. I use the Foaming Scrub in the shower and it instantly smoothes and refreshes my skin. The scent, along with the rest of the collection, is strong and gorgeous.

Personally, I prefer less dense exfoliants because they feel too harsh on my skin, and this is the perfect texture to keep my skin healthy. It foams up for softening power and is easy to use.

My other two favorite products are the body lotion and the aloe gel lotion. The body lotion is so softening and smells amazing, and the aloe gel lotion feels even nicer than straight aloe on sunburned or even just sun-exposed skin.

Summer Skincare Must-Have #3:

Dove Coconut and Hydration Shampoo/Conditioner

You’re probably sensing a theme of refreshing products and scents, and these two products  are some of my favorites! The shampoo cleanses all of the sweat, grime, and buildup of summer out of hair without damaging it, and the conditioner nourishes and seals in moisture. Plus, the scent is so nice and is light. After swimming in the ocean, I have a problem with getting my hair back to soft and shiny, but this combo does so perfectly!

Dove is one of my favorite brands in general for hair care, and I especially love the way everything they do is so tailored to individual hair needs. Even though I’m constantly tempted by expensive haircare when perusing the aisles of Ulta or Target, using Dove’s haircare solutions is more practical and pleasant overall!

Summer Skincare Must-Have #4:

Body Butter

Body butter is something that is either amazing or awful, and there are no in-betweens. Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. I am firmly on the love side!

This summer, my go-to has been the CocoShea Honey Body Butter. If you can’t tell, I am in love with the CocoShea collection and pretty much purchase the products whenever they are on sale. I use this right after  I get out of the shower. This product glides on smoothly and doesn’t take too long to absorb, which means I can get dressed without feeling sticky or gross.

I absolutely love the scent of this and the way it keeps my skin soft, hydrated, and glow-y for hours afterward. To be honest, this is probably the best product ever for keeping my legs smooth after shaving!

The ingredients are all extremely nourishing, like cocoa butter, shea butter, and of course, pure honey. I adore this product because of the way it replenishes and softens skin, and I will probably use this throughout fall and winter as well to fight off dry skin.

Summer Skincare Must-Have #5:

St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub/Mask

sweating + sunscreen + sun exposure= a recipe for a skin disaster. It’s important to take care of skin year round, but especially in the summer, when more people are outside, exposed to harsh UV rays and sunshine. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, the combination of sweat, sunscreen application, and more can clog pores and create the perfect storm for breakouts to occur.

The key to preventing and treating acne is gently exfoliation. I love the St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub and Mask. As it says in the name, this can be used as an exfoliating cleanser, or left on to become a smoothing mask. What I love about this product is how gentle and nourishing it is on skin.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t enjoy using aggressive or harsh exfoliants on my body, and facial skin is even more delicate and sensitive.

The scent is pleasant and not artificial, and I know the ingredients are helping to keep my skin super healthy!

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What are some of your summer skincare must-haves?


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