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Summer Livin’: The Good Life

Sitting on the balcony, watching boats crisscrossing the bay, sun flooding my laptop with warmth, I am so happy and content with summer so far. My sister, Lindsay, and I have been living at the beach this summer. We got jobs together working at a hot donut, coffee, and ice cream shop called the Shugar Shack. I’ve met some great people and made some good friends. More importantly, I’ve made a billion memories that I’ll treasure forever. I want to recap this summer on the blog because it is so key to keep the memories and experiences we are privileged enough to share alive!

my wonderful balcony view

What’s To Come

Before I start chatting you through what my life has been like, here’s a quick update on what’s to come.

I am doing so much dorm shopping! It’s ridiculously fun, and while there’s an element of stress present, I’m really enjoying planning out my living space and getting to know my roommate prior to move in day. August 18th, I’ll be moving in to my dorm at Mount St. Mary’s University and embarking on this amazing new part of my life.

As far as blog posts go, keep an eye out! I’m hoping to start posting more regularly, but with the transition to college, things could get spotty. I’m hard at work on a post about my internship senior year, and I plan on continuing my Ultimate Guide to College Applications series. Once I’ve finished shopping, I’d like to do a haul, and I can’t wait to show you all the finished product in a dorm tour.

Anyways, let’s talk about my amazing summer!

June: Graduation!

June was a fun-filled, exciting month. I’d say summer kicked off with graduation, which was 100% amazing. I’m so grateful and humbled to have experienced such a beautiful day for graduation.

At graduation, I had the privilege of walking hand-in-hand with a special needs student in my graduating class. It was an honor to play a part in that milestone for him, and I had an awesome time.

After graduation, my parents surprised me with a limo to take us to a celebration dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. It was phenomenal, even though the limo was a semi-tumultuous experience. We took plenty of amazing photos and had a really great night!

June: Other Adventures

Lindsay and I went cherry picking and came home with more cherries than we ever could have eaten.

We went for ice cream tons (surprise, surprise). Spontaneous movie and lunch dates turned out to be unexpectedly amazing days.When the time came, we road tripped together down to the beach and, through twists and turns, ended up with super fun jobs.

The end of June meant a quick trip home because I had the honor of attending a scholarship dinner. LifeBridge Health and Express Care was kind and generous enough to not only give me a very gracious scholarship, but also to host a beautiful celebration dinner at Sinai hospital. My parents and I attended, and it was a really fun night. I’m very privileged and lucky to get to meet such amazing people, and to experience such joyous occasions!Summer Living


Our job was so much fun and we fell in love with the people we worked with (shoutout to Bryan, if you ever read this). We worked night shift, which meant we worked until anywhere between midnight and 1am. Our sleep schedules were pretty much upended but I loved every second of it regardless. Sure, there were really rude customers, and boring nights, and times where I would rather have done literally anything else. But overall, the job was a really positive experience that I’m super grateful for looking back!

Lots of Laughs, and Life Lately

I’ve spent nights curled up on the couch in uncontrollable giggles, over nothing and everything all at once. Linds and I have gone out for nice dinners, where we ate lobster on rooftop decks under the setting sun. On the flipside, some nights dinner meant shoveled-down frozen macaroni cups or 7-Eleven taquitos at 1 am. I’ve spent hours with my feet in the sand and my eyes in a book, and I’ve also spent half the day in bed, catching up on some much needed sleep. We’ve spontaneously mini-roadtripped down the coast to Bethany, where we shared nice meals and shopped and had some pretty freaking amazing custard.

summer custard @ dickey's

I’ve laughed longer than I thought possible, at stupidity and inside jokes and the simplest words. Through the blessings I’ve been granted this summer, I learned to appreciate beauty and life at every corner, from tilting my head back under a starlit sky and feeling captivated to being at peace watching the sun rise and set, each day. I’ve decided that I will be my authentic self around everyone I meet, and I have tried to embody the spirit of love, compassion, humor and authenticity each and every day.

Things to Be Grateful For: July Adventures

I drank an ungodly amount of caramel iced coffee. Lindsay and I became known around work as the designated coffee pals and oftentimes showed up with coffees for everyone on our shift (the cool people, of course).

My camera roll is littered with sunsets, Snapchat stories, and photos of our adventures. My playlists grew longer and longer, since so many kitchen dance parties ensued in the condo. I played “Feel It Still” by Portugal the Man 19 times in a row at work one night. (no regrets).


August: Events & Sunsets

I went to a family reunion that ended up being really fun. Seeing everyone in one place was awesome, and I got to see one family member in particular who has a special place in my heart and is always going to be important to me.

Somehow, faster than I ever anticipated, the last day of work hit me. I said my goodbyes. I enjoyed a solid couple of days just relaxing at the beach, and then I made the three-hour-trip home. The view I woke up to each morning, the wind rustling through my hair while I watched sunsets, the walking distance to many ice cream spots would all become just highlights of an amazing summer.

August: Home, For A Little While

Perhaps the weirdest part for me is the knowledge that I’m home now, and everyone else is still there at the beach. I can never quite comprehend how multifaceted life is, that no matter where you are or what you are doing, there are infinite things and places and people happening all around.

Summer Sunsets

Anyways, until move-in day, I plan on soaking up some relaxation and time with my family. I have so much shopping to do for college and my dorm. I’m finishing this post while babysitting for my neighbor. Hopefully, I’ll get to visit or see all of my closest family friends and relatives before I move. But, if I don’t, it’s not a huge deal. I’m only an hour away!

There is so much to be grateful for. The opportunity to spend a summer with my sister, my best friend, doing something so fun  is one I wouldn’t trade for anything. I can’t wait for next summer, but I’m not wishing away this year. I have a feeling it’ll be one for the books.

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What has been the highlight of your summer?

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