The Curious Lemon September 2018 Goals

September Goals 2018: Accepting Change

Every time I start planning out my monthly goals, I can’t believe how quickly another month has flown by. September is here, and while it’s still been crazy hot this week where I live, fall is quickly approaching. I love creating goals specific to the month to help keep myself on track with my overall goals for the year. My September goals are focused around becoming more consistent and making good habits for myself personally and professionally.

The Curious Lemon September 2018 Goals

Goal #1: Write and publish at least three blog posts per week.

I’ve recently gotten re-inspired in writing my blog, and want to continue to grow and develop as a blogger. I recently updated the categories of my posts and have been brainstorming September’s content already.

Goal #2: Use an editorial calendar more consistently.

I have a bad habit of waiting until the day before I plan to publish a post to write, edit, photograph, and schedule it. Having finally created an editorial spreadsheet that works for me, my goal is to plan out all of my posts (or most of them) in advance. This will help me to stay consistent in posting. I’ll also be able to continue to create content I love but in a way that flows together more cohesively.

Goal #3: Read at least 5 books.

If you read the blog often, you know I love to read. Although I would love to read way more than five books this month, I’m setting my goal at five in case things get busy! It’s an attainable goal even if things are hectic. I’m publishing this post a few days later than I wanted, so I’ve already finished one book! I finished Meet Cute, one of the sweetest anthologies I’ve ever seen. 

Goal #4: Work on my newest project every day.

I’m committing to work on something I am very excited about this month.  My plan is to dedicate time every day to making progress. I’ll be sharing what this project is in my goal review post at the end of this month, so stay tuned! The best way to achieve something big is to just start. No matter how scary it is, or how risky or challenging, I’m going to jump in head first and be brave. There’s no easy path to follow your dreams, and every single brave choice I make will help me find my footing on that path.

Goal #5: Decide where I’m transferring schools by October!

Assuming nothing changes with my choices and options, I’m hoping to have made my transfer decision by the end of the month. Once I make that choice, I know I’ll feel a lot better about everything.

Goal #6: Get back to journaling.

Even though I absolutely love journaling and how therapeutic it is, I haven’t really journaled very much this summer. I journaled through my week at Camp PALS and a little more towards the beginning of the summer, but I want to get back to journaling regularly! Journaling calms me down, and I love looking back and being able to re-experience parts of my life firsthand.

Goal #7: Be okay with the unknown.

This is something I’m always working on, but particularly in this period of change in my life. It’s okay to not know where exactly you’re going or when you will get there. I’m learning to accept the unknown and to embrace the unexpected joy that can come out of it. Even though change is scary, and taking a leap of faith requires courage, I’m striving every day to accept things as they come. I’m trying not to stress (too much) about the future being set in stone. Ashley, the blogger behind The Honey Scoop and one of my favorite bloggers in general, has a lovely post about struggling with your faith and how to overcome those struggles that you should definitely check out if you’re having the same doubts and fear. 

What are your goals for this September? How can you work every day to accomplish them? Let me know down below!

Thank you for reading!

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