Rejection and Moving On: 6 Ways to Deal

Even though it’s unfortunate, we all have to deal with rejection. Especially during periods of change, being turned down hurts. It stings, it’s comfortable, and it makes us doubt ourselves and God’s plan for us.

Seemingly small rejections can damage self-esteem and create feelings of anxiety and doubt that are hard to shake. When a rejection is more significant, so are its impacts. Having faith and finding your footing after a rejection can be hard. Luckily, there are strategies for moving past rejections that make it easy to stay positive.

Check out these 6 powerful ways to move past any rejection, whether it be from a job, a school, or a relationship!

Relax and take some deep breaths.

Part of what makes rejection so scary is that it’s out of our control. We can’t change the situation, but we can change how we react to it. When something doesn’t go your way, take control of your attitude. It’s easy to feel sad and negative about rejections, whether from work, school, or life, but thinking positive makes staying strong and calm easy. Self care is always important, but especially during a time of transition and change.

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Make a list of strengths.

This idea might seem strange, but it’s time to give yourself some credit. Unless you’re writing a resume or filling out a job application, chances are you rarely look at all of your strengths. Write an actual list of accomplishments and achievements. Bullet-point your positive traits and the things that make you happy. A list like this makes you realize that one rejection doesn’t define you. Plus, once everything is laid out, you might realize that there’s a better opportunity out there for you based on your skills and passions.

Strategize and make a plan.

Wallowing in self-pity isn’t going to help you move forward, as harsh as that may sound. Okay, so this one thing didn’t work out, and that sucks. How can you use this to help you in the future? If an interview didn’t go well, schedule a practice interview with someone and research some tips. Taking time after a rejection to learn from it and implement new strategies going forward helps you succeed in the future.

Do something you love!

Refocus your attention on a positive thing. Part of self care is prioritizing your mental health, and after you lose something you wanted, that’s more important than ever. Find your joy and let yourself relax. Even if you’re sad, know that things will get better.

Know that rejection might mean another opportunity is coming.

Everything happens for a reason. It might sound cliche, but it’s true. Time and time again, one opportunity might fall apart just for another to come together. You never know where you’ll end up, and things will work out exactly how they are supposed to. Have faith in the waiting, and be patient with yourself.

Accept the outcome.

It’s so hard to not focus on the why of a situation. Why didn’t I get the job? What did I do wrong? How did I deserve this? When you step back and take a look at it, the situation is probably not that drastic or life-ruining. There’s always another path out there, and if that’s where you land, it’s where you’re meant to be. Part of preparing yourself for rejection is embracing your small beginnings, and Ashley from The Honey Scoop blog has a beautiful post about just that. Even if the outcome is unpredictable and out of your control, be proud of the bravery you had in taking steps toward your dreams.

What do you do when you’re struggling with a rejection?

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