Movies to Cheer You Up on a Bad Day

10 Movies to Cheer You Up After a Bad Day

Hi, friends! I hope your weekend was really fun and that your Monday is off to a great start. I’ve always been such a movie lover. I adore going out to the movie theater and settling in with a buttery bag of popcorn. After reading Carly from Carly the Prepster’s post about movies she’s seen in theaters recently, I started thinking about how much I love movies in general. However, I love having a list of go-to movies to watch from the comfort of my bed or couch. On a bad or rough day, watching a movie can completely brighten your day and turn things around. From comedies to feel-good movies, here are 10 of the best movies to cheer you up on a rough day.

PS: If you want to know some of the movies I’ve been loving recently, be sure to check out my first weekly recap from last Friday (here!)

Movies to Cheer You Up on a Bad Day

The Holiday

If I’m being completely honest, this is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I can (and have done so!) watch this over and over again, and love it just as much each time. Two women, one a writer played by Kate Winslet in a small town in the UK, and the other a movie trailer creator played by Cameron Diaz in LA, both struggle with love and breakups during the holiday season. In a chance meeting on a homestay website, they decide to switch houses over Christmas. The unexpected joy and restoration they experience on their respective holidays completely changes both of their lives, for the better. They grow, make friends [and maybe find love along the way;) ] and discover who they are meant to be and what they really are looking for.

Pitch Perfect

Ah, such a fun movie and series overall! I just saw the third movie in theaters and loved it as much as the others. However, the first Pitch Perfect movie stole my heart. A story of college acapella groups competing, it involves so much fun, feel-good comedy, friendships, and of course, great music. I can always count on this movie to cheer me up. Singing along can instantly put me in a good mood; I love the characters, and I will never stop loving this movie. (Fingers crossed they end up making another one in a few years, haha!)

Grown Ups

My family and I have watched this movie so many times and we love it! It’s got such an amazing cast, from Adam Sandler to Chris Rock and so many great actresses as well. Lifetime, childhood friends reunite in adulthood after following separate, very different life paths. They head to the lake where they spent lots of time as kids, and so much fun and laughter and also growth ensues. I love this movie and can’t recommend it enough. So much fun-you can’t watch this and then be sad afterwards! Plus, the sequel is just as good. You won’t regret watching this, especially if you love comedies and more family-type movies.

The Intern

Cutest. Movie. Ever. Period. Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway star in The Intern. Movies to cheer you up? This one takes the cake. An 80-year-old widower finds renewed joy in life after landing a ‘senior internship’ with popular, up-and-coming fashion company. There are so many precious and detailed aspects to this movie that make it beyond lovable. I never will stop loving this movie-trust me and watch it. It will warm your heart, I promise.

Identity Thief

One of my favorite funny movies of all time, Melissa McCarthy stars in this hilarious film about a woman who has stolen the identity (and basically ruined the life) of a man across the country. When the police tell him it could take years to arrest her and end her use of his identity, he decides to act. Sandy Patterson heads across the country to confront the woman herself, bring her home with him, and save his job, savings, and reputation. There are so many unexpectedly heartwarming aspects to this, but be warned: there are also some very R-rated moments, as it is aptly rated. So funny, though!


When I told my family I was writing this post, they had lots of ideas to contribute. My sister said, “You’ve got to have Shrek!” and I completely agree. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the journey of this misunderstood ogre and the talking donkey create such heartwarming, nostalgic humor. If there’s one animated movie to love, it’s definitely Shrek. If you’re not a fan, substitute your favorite childhood movie on this list! 🙂

The Hangover

Another R-rated movie about a bachelor party gone extremely wrong in Vegas, this movie will have you roaring with laughter. Every time I watch it there’s some piece of humor I missed on the time before. I never get tired of just how outrageous it is. While I haven’t seen the follow-up movies (I think there’s two more), I have heard great things about their comedy as well.

Wedding Crashers

The dynamic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take the wedding world by storm as professional wedding crashers. They do thorough research and then crash the weddings in order to hook up with girls. I know, it sounds kind of awful, but it is just so funny. I laugh my way through this movie every time I watch it, and my parents and I have watched it so many times that I feel like I know the whole plot by heart. If you’re into dirty, slightly weird funny humor, you’ll love this movie. Plus, I pretty much love anything with these two leading actors in it-I just think they’re hilarious!

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies to watch with my mom. Patrick Swayze is just amazing in this, and while there are parts of it that are a little weird, I love the overall story-especially the ending. I’m not going to say too much about it, but it’s got three things I love: romance, dance, and an epic ending number. What more could you want?


This movie has such a killer, awesome female cast and they work together so well. Bridesmaids is the perfect movie to finish out this list of movies to cheer you up, because it is not only hilarious, but shows the issues that arise when your life isn’t going exactly as you anticipated. Friendships are hard, especially with a wedding coming up! Even when everything seems to go wrong, though, the girls in this movie are there for each other in the end. Lots of crude humor and just all around wrong moments, this one always has me equally cringing, laughing, and then laughing at myself for cringing.

What movies are your go-to movies for cheering up after a bad day?

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