Mom and I went on a beach trip and it was so much fun!

A Little Girl’s Trip: Post-Finals Getaway with Mom

Happy Thursday, friends. Finals week was so busy, and moving out felt so bittersweet and a little chaotic. Freshman year flew by faster than I ever imagined. This week my mom and I headed to the beach for a little girl’s getaway. It’s been so much fun–and much needed after so much craziness! We’ve done lots of eating (as usual), shopping, and just hung out together. So much fun! I always love recapping little bits of my life on the blog so I’ll be sharing some highlights of our getaway.

Beach Getaway: Monday

Monday morning, we packed, got ready, and hit the road. I couldn’t have been more excited for some one-on-one time and a beach getaway! After a little stop at Chick-Fil-A for some breakfast, we were on our way. The drive, as per usual, was jam-packed with me dancing in the passenger seat, singing too loudly, and finding ways to entertain ourselves in the most boring sections of the drive. Once we arrived in Ocean City, the sun had finally come out, and it warmed up to be a really nice day outside.

Mom and I on our Beach Getaway

We relaxed for a little while post-trip, and then we were off to a late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Seacrets. Inside, you’re transported to a more tropical, laid-back lifestyle. Every square inch of the place is covered in the most beachy and lush decor. We ate with our feet in the sand and a view of the bay. Seacrets has the best salads and my mom and I both ate one called the Callaloo salad—it has this maple vinaigrette and is SO good.

Delicious Salad on our little beach getaway

After we ate, it was time for a little shopping at the outlets in West Ocean City. We had a rather successful trip to Marshall’s and then stocked ourselves with some candy from Dolle’s. When we got back to the condo, we watched the fog roll over Ocean City and slowly sink over the bay. It was something you don’t see everyday! We got all settled in for the night, looked through some old pictures, reminisced, laughed lots, and just relaxed. It was so lovely. Since I was away at college, I didn’t get a lot of one-on-one time to hang out with my mom, and I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to spend some quality time together. We always have the best time!

When the fog rolled in we curled up on the balcony to watch!

Time for some ice cream!


Yay for sunshine and beautiful, warm weather! Tuesday was just so nice out and although our little breakfast idea didn’t quite work out as planned, it was an amazing day! We headed to Rehoboth for some retail therapy. It was actually a really successful shopping trip, plus was super fun. After the outlets, we went into downtown Rehoboth for some lunch and to walk around. Lunch was at a place we’ve never tried before called Blackwall Hitch, where I had a grilled watermelon salad (OMG) and my mom had a little mini scallop dish.

The sun was shining and the smell of the ocean was just everywhere. We came back to the condo after and tried to make our way down onto the beach, and although it was very pretty, the wind by the ocean was strong so instead, we sunbathed on our balcony for a long time. Sometimes we just love relaxing and reflecting on how lucky we are to have a place at the beach.

Mom and I had such a fun little lunch date

The plan was to go to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, but we both wanted to just keep relaxing. We ran out to pick up some food and then stayed home for the night, which was so lovely. Relaxing is one of the best parts of getting out of town. Our balcony is perfect for watching the world go by and we indulged in lots of little chocolate treats from our haul yesterday.


Mom and I went on a beach trip and it was so much fun!

Although on Wednesday we were leaving and our little trip was short, it was such a blast and well-deserved after finals week! We were pretty lazy on Wednesday morning. After some deliberation we walked across the street to have a late breakfast. It was honestly delicious. I wanted to run to Ron Jon to look for some shirts but came away with nothing. On our way out of town, we stopped and got some chocolate covered pretzels to bring home for my dad and sister (plus a box for us haha). Overall, I couldn’t be happier that my mom took the time and had the idea for us to go on a little beach getaway. A change in scenery and pace completely refreshes me and leaves me ready for what’s next. I feel a lot more ready for summer and being at the beach all the time!

Thank you for reading! If you’re in need of a road trip to de-stress—do it! You absolutely won’t regret it 🙂

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