Well, hi! This is the first sprawling of words on this blog, a place I hope will be a platform, a community, a journal, a cultivation of ideas and thoughts and happy things. I’m Kaitlin, a girl who dreams big and changes her mind a lot and reads and writes and rambles. I’m a baker, a reader, a writer, a dreamer. I’m a dog lover, a kid-at-heart and an old soul, a soon-to-be college student. I’m a planner, a movie fanatic, a shopping addict, and a world of contrasts. I believe in being the best person you can be, and I’m working on trying to accept failures and things not going as planned. For more about who I am, sneak a peek at my about page. This blog will be stories, photos, tips, tricks, recipes. It will show off my favorite things and help me to celebrate small victories, acknowledge defeat, and learn about the world and my life. While I’m still (very) young, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people who have taught me leaps and bounds about the life I want to live and who I want to be. So, stick around. We can make this journey through life’s sweet moments and sourest lemons, together. People need people. Like a flower, this blog is, at least, I hope, going to be a sort of gathering place for human beings with stories and loves and things that they crave to talk about. I also hope it can be the thing I hoped for through some of the complex times in life, like trying to navigate through college applications or career decisions or how to spend a summer or whether it’s okay to be different than those around you. This post is just the beginning of a beautiful, vibrant thing, and I’m so excited to be here. I hope you are, too.

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