Happy Friday Week 2
Happy Friday

Happy Friday Volume 2 || February 2

Woo, we’ve reached the end of another week! Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the second week of this series. Last week, I got a lot of very kind feedback on the post from everyone who read it (thank you!) and I knew it was one I’d like to continue. This week has been good, and in lots of ways, it’s been about balance. Some days this week I was so very productive, accomplishing everything on my to-do list with time to relax, and others, I felt no motivation to do anything other than watch some Netflix. I’ve accepted that as long as I’m doing my best and taking care of what my body and soul seem to need, I can do both! Not every day is going to be your most productive, and that’s okay. Speaking of which, in case you’re in need of a  pick-me-up, Monday’s blog post was all about the ten movies that you will cheer you up on a bad day! Read here. Now, let’s get started.

Happy Friday Week 2

one \\ tv & movies

During the past week, I’ve watched a lot at night as a little treat for myself. I watched the sweetest comedy called Going in Style this week when I wasn’t feeling well one morning. Featuring Morgan Freeman and his dynamic, hilarious best friends, this film depicts the results of the three men, long-time employees of a company, being fired and overlooked. They decide to pull off an elaborate bank heist to get the money they deserve. When I started the movie, I was so hopeful that it would live up to my expectations, and I totally loved it! It’s streaming on HBO go.

For TV this week, I’m still such a fan of my usual shows: Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, and (I’ll guiltily admit this one) The Bachelor. Don’t judge, but I’ve also been re-watching Glee on Netflix. It just cheers me up whenever I watch it! Oh, and I still love Live PD beyond belief. If you haven’t watched it, basically they follow police departments around the country on a Friday and Saturday night and broadcast it live. It’s THE BEST.

two \\ life lately

This past weekend I was home, specifically for my sister’s birthday dinner at The Melting Pot (aka the best restaurant!). I came back to school Monday morning since I don’t have class until 11am. School has been good this week; I still am enjoying all of my classes, especially Social Psychology! It’s so interesting and the class is really well-paced. I’ve been spending time with and making more friends that I love (@Taylor if you ever read this haha, you’re so sweet!) and trying to stay warm since it’s been so cold.

It’s been a good week, though. I’m harnessing how well balanced life feels right now, and I feel happy! Sometimes at school it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or lonely, even when you’re with your friends. But I’ve felt great this semester-more confident, happier. I know what I want and I’m unashamed, which feels amazing.

three \\ currently

I’m currently reading (and loving) Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. It’s such a detailed storyline and while I’m only a little bit of the way through, I’m loving the writing style and have become absorbed in the story. I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend. Speaking of which, I’m going to the beach with my family for the weekend. I’m so excited to get away for a little bit and just relax.

four \\ the one face mask I’m in love with

Winter means using a ton more nourishing, pamper-yourself products on my skin. I’ve been loving the Whish Nourishing Dew Mask: Rose Hip and Lotus (here!) I received this product in my first FabFitFun box and I’m in love, to be quite honest. It’s so moisturizing, gentle, and lovely. Absolutely one worth splurging on!

five \\ exciting update!

I’ve been working hard on creating an email newsletter for the blog, and as of today, it is finally here! Check the sidebar for the signup form. This way, you’ll never miss a post, and you can get all of the little sneak peeks, freebies, and more that I hope to bring about later on. I’m so excited and hope you all will join me on this journey!

six \\ blog posts I’ve been loving

Once again, I want to share some of the blog posts from this week that I really enjoyed. This is just a way to share the love with some other bloggers, and to create a little collective of my favorite posts every week! Please check them out; you won’t regret it.

Kelly from Gav + Ro shared the best Target art DIY. I’ve bought two of those little nifty signs for my dorm room and love them, and I’ll definitely be trying out her DIY from now on! (here)

Kris came up with two amazing ways to stay organized, and they’re very relatable, simple, and effective! (here)

I loved peeking at Toby’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Guide (plus her title is adorable). (here)

One of my constant favorites, Cristina shared her healthy office habits! Her tip about keeping a rollerball of peppermint oil is one I am just dying to try out. (here)

Jasmine shared a whopping 28 ways to love yourself this month, which I think was a brilliant idea! (here)

Neely helped me get over a productivity slump by writing this beautiful article on how to stay productive! (here)

That’s all for this week! Let me know something you’ve been loving or doing this week that made you happy down in the comments section. 🙂

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