This past weekend, my school had an opportunity for a shuttle to Georgetown in D.C. I had an amazing time and wanted to write a little recap of the day! If you are ever given the chance to go to Georgetown, DO IT! It’s a beautiful city full of so many interesting places, spaces, and people. The streets and cafes and bakeries are absolutely bursting with vivacity and joy, and I can’t wait to go back again.

Georgetown's Best Doughnuts!!

We had to get up bright and early, which is a little rough at college, I’ll admit. The group of students who were attending the trip had to meet in McGowan Center, a building on our campus with lots of offices, by 8:15 a.m. Thankfully, I made it on time and we soon boarded the vans and headed on our way to D.C.

I (and my friends) slept through most of the ride, which took around an hour and 20 minutes. I woke up as we drove past the C&O canal, a huge scenic canal that goes through D.C. and Georgetown. Gorgeous green met my eyes as my excitement blossomed.

Breakfast in Georgetown

When we arrived in Georgetown, my friends and I went for a little stroll along the waterfront. It was lovely and just chilly enough. However, we were also starving since the dining hall wasn’t even open yet when we left campus. I have this tendency to do copious amounts of research on potential places to eat and go whenever I go to a new place. In my research prior to Georgetown, I discovered District Doughnut.

We haphazardly navigated ourselves there, and miraculously, there was no line when we got there (I’ve heard that we witnessed a rare occurrence, since it’s so popular!). I ordered a milk chocolate glazed doughnut and a brown butter (!!!!!!!) doughnut. They were PHENOMENAL. I fell head-over-heels in love with the place and it is at the top of my list for places I want to go again (and possibly work at).

After that, we headed to Georgetown Cupcake, where some of my friends were dying to go. I had my heart set on a different bakery, called Baked and Wired. Again, I say, we miraculously walked right in to Georgetown Cupcake and had no wait time at all. My friends indulged in more sweets and I admired the scenery.

Georgetown Cupcake

Wandering & Perusing in Georgetown

We spent most of the day wandering in and out of shops, purchasing things here and there. I’ll admit, all I bought in Georgetown was food. While the rest of my group had macaroons, I wandered off to an apparently-famous coffee shop, where I purchased a way, way, way too overpriced iced coffee but also an AMAZING cookie. If you go to Blue Bottle Coffee, get a ginger-molasses cookie. You will not regret it, I promise!

Blue Bottle Coffee, Georgetown

A large amount of time was spent in the absolutely massive T.J.Maxx store that is in Georgetown. It was so nice and they had a huge selection to look through! It was a really fun experience just getting to look at all of the neat things and clothes in all of the stores, even if some of it was so expensive I refused to even touch it.

Lunch in Georgetown

My friend group all split off for lunch; some of the people I was with headed to get seafood, some wanted Subway, and I myself headed off to another place I’d researched, called Good Stuff Eatery. I had a burger, and it was SO good. Of course, I had fries too, and I sat in the wonderful little atmosphere they had and just relished in the matter of being present and getting to experience new things and places. Also, I admired watching a real cute boy in the shop (let’s be real here, it’s a perk).

District Doughnuts, Georgetown

After eating, I reconvened with my friends and we headed to do some more shopping and browsing. However, at this point, we were all exhausted. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking! You’ll be doing a ton of walking, and Georgetown is basically a giant hill.

Baked & Wired, Georgetown

I headed off to my bucket-list bakery, Baked & Wired. It was so flipping cute and everything looked so delicious! I stocked up on a couple of cupcakes, then made my way to a gorgeous Starbucks to charge my phone (which was dying way too quickly for my liking).

Pinstripes: Georgetown’s Coolest? 

After much deliberation of what to do with the rest of our time in Georgetown, my friends and I decided to make the trek to a unique spot called Pinstripes. Basically, the concept is to blend together fine-dining in a classy atmosphere with an indoor bowling alley and bocce ball courts. While bowling was reserved well in advance, we did get the chance to play bocce ball. I didn’t have any idea what bocce ball was but it was really fun!

Love Georgetown!

We ended the night with cheers to a great day and indulging in some high-quality desserts (clearly, I was with the right group of people!). I had a warm, melty, chocolaty brownie in a skillet topped with vanilla bean gelato. It was heavenly. A friend of mine had house-made s’mores and they were to die for.

I would say my favorite parts of the day were the very beginning at the doughnut shop, the end at Pinstripes, and the quiet moments of self-reflection I enjoyed while sitting in a Starbucks watching the leaves cascade towards the ground.

If you have any favorite spots in Georgetown, let me know down in the comments section and I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I go!


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