Creating Meaningful Goals

Creating Meaningful Goals + My 2018 Wishes

Happy New Year, everyone! I feel so happy and am curious and excited for 2018. 2017 was an amazing year, and I have grown, learned, and accomplished more than I thought possible. I completed my senior year, did an internship that changed my life, graduated high school, started college, and more. This blog has also become so much more important to me in the past year. As the new year gets started, I am focusing on creating resolutions that are more goal-oriented, and specifically, ones that I can actually accomplish!

Many people in my life, each year, create New Year’s resolutions that are huge, unspecific, or vague. For example, saying that your resolution is to lose weight, or to be happy. I have found that creating specific, meaningful resolutions can help refresh your outlook and clarify where you are hoping to grow within your life. Read on for tips and tricks for making positive, impactful resolutions, as well as some more specific suggestions.

Creating Meaningful Goals

Reflect on your goals.

Everyone has goals, and while they may seem overwhelming or unattainable, breaking goals down into smaller steps and resolutions makes them easy to accomplish! Think about where you want to end up at the end of the week, the month, the year, or even the next few years. Do you want to reach new heights in your career? Do you wish to travel more? Is your priority getting all A’s in the next semester of college or school? Making new friends, being more adventurous, or moving somewhere new?

Write out these goals, and then narrow them down. What can you do on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis to help you reach these goals? For example, if your goal was to earn straight A’s, you could set aside half an hour per class each day to study, review for tests and create study guides every week, and work on projects long-term rather than procrastinating.

Align resolutions with overarching goals.

Your New Years’ resolutions should match up with your goals. For example, my resolutions, as you’ll see below, center around the specific goals I have for the next year and the long-term. I want to be more open-minded, so I’m going to challenge myself to say yes to opportunities and adventures. If your goal is to be healthier, your resolution should match that, and maybe be to eat more fruits each day or to have a salad at least 3x per week.

Dee from Morning Coffee with Dee has an amazing post about accomplishing your goals and making progress!

Use this time to impact the world.

Resolutions don’t need to only center around your own life. These goals and self-reflections can impact the world around you. Challenge yourself to volunteer in your community, donate to charitable organizations, or become familiar with causes that matter. If everyone who made New Year’s resolutions dedicated some specific goal-setting to making the world a little brighter, a lot of lives and causes would be better for it.

If you’re looking for ways to involve your time, reach out to organizations in your own community, like food pantries, shelters, youth centers, and environmental clean-up or restoration projects. For national causes near-and-dear to my heart, think about getting involved with Special Olympics, Big Brother Big Sister, or Make-a-Wish.

If you’re looking for birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or even just spontaneous gifts, check out my gift guide featuring gifts that give back to the world!

Use a journal or planner to record success.

Make sure to keep track of your accomplishments within your resolutions and goals. Then, reward yourself! If your resolution is to exercise more, and you go to the gym every night during a week, treat yourself to something you enjoy! Remember, your resolutions are meant to improve your life and bring you joy, not make you miserable. If one isn’t what you thought, it’s okay to change it. Everything you do should center on bringing you and those around you joy and success.

Use a habit or goal tracker to measure your progress. Or, simply journal about how you’re feeling-if your resolution was to travel more, make sure to record details of your trips, and even make bucket lists or plan trips to inspire you.

My Goals

I don’t really create strict resolutions. Instead, I set flexible, specific goals for myself. I create a list of things I want to do and accomplish in the next year. Here are ten goals I’ll be working on during 2018. I hope it provides you some inspiration to live your best life in the new year.

one || Become consistent with blogging. Blogging tends to fall behind as school and life becomes busier. I am setting a goal of publishing two posts per week in the new year (but if that’s too much, my goal is one per week)

two || Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal. I started implementing this after moving into college, and I love it as a way to become more healthy.

three || Journal every day. When I write, it allows me to soothe my mind and worries. I can reflect on the things that matter and remember my daily life. It lets me record moments of my life to look back on in the future.

four || Say “yes”. I’ve always been a nervous person, a sensitive person, a ‘worry-er’. In 2018, I want to embrace new opportunities and change, especially in my academic and social life.

five || Think happy. Positive thinking makes me a much happier and successful person. In a world surrounded by negativity and stress, I’m going to focus on the positives and let myself flourish.

six || Read 100 books. I know this is a steep goal. Especially in college, I have barely any time to read for fun. However, I want to make time for this. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Just this weekend, I read 4 separate 300+ word books, and it brought me so much joy. I think, especially once summer rolls around, I’ll be able to meet this goal!

Meaningful Goals: Reading

seven || Prioritize self care. In order to be the best version of myself, I need to be happy. Keeping anxiety in check is a lot simpler when I take care of myself. My goal is to do one thing every day that makes me happy. Eating a bowl of ice cream, going for coffee with a friend, even Netflixing a show. I want to make self-care a priority.

eight || Get A’s in all of my classes this semester. I am going to work hard to do my best this semester. My first semester was really successful and I’m really proud of the grades I earned- I want to keep that success steady into next semester.

nine || Explore more. I really enjoy getting out and wandering in new places. Whether that means trying out a new bakery or coffee shop, visiting a new place or town, or getting out into nature, I plan on using 2018 to discover more places.

ten || Stretch my comfort zone. There are lots of things that scare me, and simultaneously excite me. With such a big world full of things to try and do and explore, I want to dive in and experience life to the fullest. Through small things, like going downtown with friends, and through big things, like road-tripping or exploring different career options, I want to push the boundaries of my comfort zone so I can grow and develop.

I hope everyone had an amazing 2017, and wish everyone the happiest and brightest new year ever.

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