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7 Bucket List Ideas for March + My March Goals

Happy March, everyone! We are finally moving towards spring. I had an amazing February. Although it went quickly, I accomplished lots and enjoyed making some great memories. Whenever a new month rolls around, there’s an opportunity to refresh your outlook, take on new adventures, and explore life more. In need of some ideas for fun things to do in March? Look no further! Plus, I’ll be sharing my own March goals for the month with you today.

March Goals and Bucket List at The Curious Lemon


7 Bucket List Ideas for March

Go to the movies.

There are tons of fun movies coming out in March. I’m most excited to see Game Night, Love Simon, and  A Wrinkle in Time. I absolutely love going to the movies and snacking on lots and lots of buttery popcorn.

Try hiking on a new trail or spot.

With March (hopefully) comes more warm, sunny days that resemble springtime weather. Getting out for a hike, whether 5 minutes or miles long, provides great exercise and an opportunity to explore nature. As school, work, and life get busy, taking breaks, getting outside, and breathing in fresh air can de-stress you and help you put things back in perspective.

Make a new recipe.

Around Christmas my family got super into cooking new things. We made homemade pasta and alfredo sauce, risotto, ice cream, and the beer-cheese fondue they serve at The Melting Pot. Cooking something new is both fun and so satisfying. Whether you crack open the spine of a brand new cookbook, click on over to Pinterest, or thumb through the weathered recipe book passed down through your family for years, cook something new!

Have a photoshoot with friends.

This might sound a little weird, but getting out, having a blast, and taking pictures with your friends is so much fun. I love the candid shots that often come out of photoshoots with friends. I’m not saying you need a professional camera, thousands of designer outfits, or even a plan. Just go outside (or find a pretty backdrop) and snap some photos for fun on your phone! Trust me. You’ll treasure the memories and the photos for years to come.

The Curious Lemon having a photoshoot with my sister

Try out a new coffee shop or bakery.

These are two things on my list! Settling into an unexplored coffee shop and working (or relaxing), or wandering into that little cupcake shop on the corner and leaving with a bright white bakery box full of sweets can transform a boring Saturday into an adventure. Keep a list of the places you spot and want to try out. Make it one of your March goals to go somewhere new once a week.

Watch a sunrise and chase a sunset.

Get up early, bundle up if it’s still chilly outside, and watch the sun rise. Every time I watch the sunrise, I am in awe of nature and my perspective on the day, week, or even a life decision can shift and be more clear. On the other hand, I am in love with watching sunsets (and taking about 304,723 photos of each one). Take a peek at my Instagram and you’ll know this is the truth!

My absolute favorite spot to watch the sunset is from this little hidden dock I found, across the street from our place at the beach, tucked behind a building, with waves from the bay lapping at the wood beneath my feet. I can often be found with a notebook and a pen (when I’m not taking photos) just sitting on that lovely dock.

While I’m at the beach, doing this comes easily. Making it a point to do this a few times a week can improve your positivity and outlook. I have to remind myself this March (and every month) to take some time and reflect.

Go bowling.

This idea might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I have always loved bowling. Granted, I’m pretty terrible at it. But whether you’re with your family or a group of friends, it’s always a fun night or afternoon filled with tons of laughs. Bonus idea: If you aren’t into bowling, try out some other unique activity like playing laser tag or going to ride go karts.

My Own Goals for March

one \\ read at least three books. 

I don’t read books to hit number counts; rather, I set number counts because I love to read but often don’t make time for it in my schedule. I purchased three books this past weekend at the cutest little bookshop in Rehoboth Beach, DE. It would be lovely if I could read more than that, but school’s probably going to be busy this month, so we’ll start with three.

two \\ Figure out my starting schedule for the summer. 

My sister and I have gotten hired down at the beach for the summer! This month we need to iron out the details, figure out a starting schedule for the pre-season (meaning the months before summer starts) and learn about what exactly we’ll be doing.

three \\ focus on consistently producing 2-3 blog posts per week. 

One of my main goals for 2018 was to blog more consistently. So far this year, I’ve done a really good job of sticking to this goal! I just want to remind myself to keep it up and keep producing content I’m proud of.

four \\ ace all of my exams this month. 

This semester I’ve honestly felt amazing about my grades and about my school-work-life balance. In March I’d love to keep up the good habits I’ve started. I love that in college I can  do my best work while still having time to go out with my friends or come home (or to the beach) on the weekends.

five \\ apply for some writing positions. 

I’ve been creating a list of potential opportunities for me to grow as a writer, and I’ve decided that this month I’m going to just start trying for each of them. It’s sometimes scary for me when I find an opportunity that seems perfect. I get so excited and, at the same time, so nervous that I won’t be good enough. I need to learn to overcome self-doubt, and I think the  best way to do that is by putting it into practice.

On My Radar

On the blog this month, definitely be on the lookout for a book review of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I will be sharing more of my Happy Friday posts (Do you like reading those? Would it be better to do them every two weeks? Please let me know!) I also have lots of great ideas for content this month and can’t wait to share some exciting projects with you.

I’ve been really into Instagram lately, and if you want to connect over there please pop on over. I have been loving connecting with you guys, other bloggers, and my friends on that platform and recently have loved all the pictures I’ve posted. So many of us think Instagram needs to be this carefully curated feed of planned and scheduled images. This just isn’t true. If you can balance keeping your feed cohesive with posting things you actually love, you’ll find your way back to loving your Instagram.

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What are your March goals? Let me know! I’d also love to hear any of your March bucket list ideas.


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