8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Everyone You Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. Such an amazing opportunity to show people how much we love them is so perfect. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about your boyfriend or girlfriend! You can celebrate relationships with your friends, your family: whoever you want to show that you care. I’m beyond excited to have collaborated on this post with Julia of Julia in Red and Mallory of Lipstick and Lesson Plans. Julia has written a Valentine’s Day gift guide for single ladies, and it’s such a perfect guide to choosing the perfect little gifts or treat-your-self items! Mallory published a sweet tutorial on how to get the perfect Valentine’s Day make-up look. Her photos (and her beautiful face) are stunning in this and I’m positive you’ll love her tips! Be sure to check out both of their posts as well and leave them some love. I hope it this is your best Valentine’s Day yet. Treat yourself, spend time with those you love, and celebrate in style!

Valentine's Day 8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Write them a note, letter, or card.

You don’t have to be the next Hallmark artist in order to create a meaningful card. Whether you pick up a card while wandering the aisles of Target, sit down with your crayons and markers, or simply jot them a letter, these are such great ways to show that you care.

Pick out a sweet little Valentine’s Day gift.

If you know anything about me, you know that one of my main love languages is giving to others. I think that hand-selecting something to bring someone happiness is a really bright way to show your love. You can customize a gift through Greetabl. I just discovered these and they’re so adorable! You design packaging, pick a sweet little gift item, and customize your gift with photos and a message! If you want to try out Greetabl for yourself, you can click here to use my referral link: I will get rewards points and you will get 15% off your purchase!

You can also pick out a gift at a store. Whoever is on the receiving end will be so happy that you took the time and thoughtfulness to choose something for them. One of my pro-tips for Valentine’s specifically? Candy! Stop by (or order from) one of those luxury, wonderful candy stores (or one of your favorite local spots). My favorite is Lolli & Pops but I also love Sugarfina.

If you’re looking for even more gift ideas, pop on over to Julia’s post here. Or, if you’re looking for gifts that are a little special and give back, I have a whole post on that here!

Surprise them with candy or a baked treat.

Like I said, I think candy makes a really nice gift idea. There’s nothing better than mixing up something sweet for someone to show them that you care. Pinterest has all sorts of sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day specifically, and I’ve curated quite the Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board: check it out here!

Treat them to coffee, ice cream, or dinner.

I think there is such under appreciated value in coffee dates, ice cream dates, and the like. Of course, going out for a nice dinner is a Valentine’s Day staple for many couples, but I think taking your mom, sister, or friends out for a little date is so essential as well. Personally, some of my favorite memories are when I head out to get coffee with a friend, or when my sister and I have a spontaneous ice cream date.

Spend a movie night in.

Curling up, turning off the lights, and settling in under a blanket to watch a good movie is one of my favorite things to do. Movie nights are such a fun way to show you care, especially if you plan it out with snacks at the ready! Some frequent movie night Valentine’s Day treats I’ve seen floating around online are white chocolate popcorn, cookies, and more. Whether you watch an old favorite or something new, you’re bound to enjoy escaping reality for a little bit and diving into a movie.

Watch the sunrise or the sunset.

I have always been happiest when I can really relax and observe the beauty of the world around me. The most recent sunrise I watched reminded me how much I love it. You can really connect with someone when you get up early or end your day by watching the sun rise or set. You can really make this special if you head to a specific spot to watch it. A short walk can make the way you view these events so spectacular.

Take a little Valentine’s Day roadtrip.

A weekend-getaway is a magical way to spend time with someone you love. I’ve taken road trips with my sister, my mom, and my dad. Spending time away from home and the routines of every day life can refresh your outlook. Trips also can bring you closer together. Making memories that will last a lifetime is worth every bit of gas money you’d spend doing this one.

Get all dressed up and go somewhere new.

Even if you’re just heading to your favorite Italian restaurant on the corner, it’s so much fun to get all dressed up and go for a night out or a nice dinner. Something really special happens from the experience, not the appearances. I think it’s beyond fun to switch it up and get dressed up. Especially if you’re going somewhere really nice, it can be fun to do your hair and makeup different than your everyday look! Hint: Mallory’s post is the perfect way to glam up your makeup for Valentine’s Day!

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What are you doing to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? 


  • Mallory

    First off, I am obsessed with your theme! I cannot stop looking at it lol! Secondly, I love this post! I never really have any plans for Valentine’s Day, so I’m definitely going to take some of these tips and celebrate it in a special way this year. Love it!

    • Kaitlin

      Thank you so much, Mallory! I like using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show the people who matter that I love them and am grateful for all that they do for me! I hope your Valentine’s Day is amazing this year 🙂 Treat yourself! You deserve it, girl.

  • Eva

    Oh my gosh, these are really the cutest ideas! My heart melted a little bit reading some of these, I want things like this to happen year round!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Eva, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think it is a great idea to do things like this year round! It is beyond important to take time out of our busy lives to celebrate the daily joy of being with the ones we love! I hope your Valentine’s Day and beyond is very special.

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