Spring Waterfall Hike on a List of 20 Things to Do this Spring

20 Things to Do This Spring to Feel Happier

Even though the weather is still rather chilly where I live, my mind is racing towards warmer days. Spring is technically here. It makes for the perfect time to switch up your routine, refresh your outlook, and try something new. Let’s get excited for spring together! I’ve compiled a list of 20 things to do for spring, since I am always looking for new ideas of places to go and things to try.

Life is more fun when you embrace the idea that you can create your own joy. Make every day a little special by doing something big, like taking the afternoon off and going on a shopping spree, or something small. Treat yourself and a friend to ice cream. Go for a stroll in the lazy afternoon sunshine. Make life feel vibrant—your routine doesn’t have to become a dull feature of your lifestyle.

Spring Waterfall Hike on a List of 20 Things to Do this Spring

  1. Take a drive to somewhere scenic and watch the sunset (or sunrise, if that’s more your jam).

  2. Update your music playlists. Happy, upbeat songs are my favorite for spring!

  3. Do your work outside for a day.

  4. Buy yourself fresh flowers (and maybe, surprise your mom with some, too).

  5. Take one photo a day for the whole season.

  6. Visit a farmer’s market and stock up on local fruits and veggies.

  7. Go for ice cream on a whim.

  8. Explore somewhere new, like the hiking trail you’ve been meaning to try or downtown with stores and restaurants.

  9. Review your goals and see where you are doing well, plus where you need to focus your efforts.

  10. Say yes to more things. If you get invited to go somewhere or hang out with someone, say yes. Even if you have a mountain of things on your to-do list, say yes. Success and productivity are important, but spring is a good time to remember that life is about more than that.

  11. Sit on the porch (or balcony, or the bench outside your dorm room) and just breathe for a little bit. Life is hectic. Stop and be calm for a while.

  12. Do something that scares you, from taking a cooking class to going zip lining.

  13. Reconnect with an old friend for coffee or lunch.

  14. Make yourself a priority to avoid burnout. Spring is such a busy time, at school, work, and in life.

  15. Sleep with the windows open. The breeze at night is soothing and calming. Especially at the beach or in the mountains, fresh air  is restorative.

  16. Wash your sheets and bedding. Fresh sheets are magical-enough said.

  17. Read something you’ve been putting off. A magazine, a novel, a comic book, or a newspaper all work.

  18. Treat yourself to some new clothes, makeup, or skincare for the spring.

  19. Roadtrip with a friend (near or far) and take lots of pictures along the way.

  20. Make lemonade or iced tea from scratch.

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