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Today’s post has been so much fun to write. Natalie of Natalie Inspiredsaw the “5 Facts About Me” tag circulating across Instagram, and she had the brilliant thought to bring it to the blogging world! Her post was so interesting and unique. Natalie was kind enough to tag me in her post, so I’m excited to bring you 10 facts you probably don’t know about me. Let’s get started!

As a side note, I would like to apologize for this post being a day late. While it might not seem to matter that much, I try to stay consistent posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I had my first Social Psychology exam yesterday and devoted all my time to studying (which definitely paid off). Anyways, here’s the post! Enjoy. If you’d like to do this tag, please do it and tag me so I can see (on Instagram, Twitter, or wherever!)

The Curious Lemon 10 Facts About Me

1.  I’ve always been the girl with a stack of books beside her.

Since I was little, I have been an avid reader. I find such ease, comfort, and joy in diving within stories. I think human beings are naturally story-tellers. There’s a magic in words, and in stringing together words and phrases to create beautiful, compelling images. I remember being really little at family parties, or holidays, curled up on a comfy chair or lounging in the sunshine with my books. I remember annoying the heck out of my fifth grade teacher when I turned in a reading log every week (instead of only once per quarter!). I remember the sense of wonder I got whenever I stepped into a library or a bookstore. I’m so grateful that to me, magic still exists. I never understood when people said they hated reading or writing, because to me, it was, and is, magic.

2.  I love to see new places, but also get really homesick.

There are so many places I’d love to see and go. The only problem is how much I miss my family. I’m not saying that I don’t love college, or that I don’t like independence. I just like being near the people I love! Through the past year, I’ve gotten a little better about this but I think it’s something I’ll always live with.

I really want to see Charleston, South Carolina. As for outside the country, I would love to see England, Italy, and Greece someday!

3.   I’m 100% a dog person.

If you’ve ever gone out in public with me, seen my Instagram, or read one of my blog posts, you’ve probably seen how true this is. My own dogs are so special to me. My family has two puggles, Louie and Macy. You’ve 100% seen them on the blog (too many times to count!) We also have a parrot, and we used to have guinea pigs. But I will always be a dog person! I’m extremely allergic to cats so they’re out of the question.

Louie and Macy

4.  When I was 11, I started my own business.

I started, designed, and baked homemade, natural dog treats. My business is called Tailwaggin’ Treats. My sister and I used to create the recipes, bake the cookies, package them, and sell them at local farmer’s markets. I loved it! I have always loved teaching myself new skills, and that business was the foundation of my web design, marketing, and promotional skills. Meeting my customers was my favorite part. While I haven’t done this over the summer in a few years due to other obligations or opportunities, I was blown away by its success and how fun it was. If you ever have an original idea, go for it! Don’t worry about success-if you love what you’re doing, it will come.

 5.   I get really scared and anxious in new situations.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a nervous person. While I love trying new things and experiencing amazing opportunities, I always have a little bit of an adjustment period. This time is where I feel the most anxious, where fears play out in my mind. In these situations, my mom is pretty much the only person who knows how to reassure me.

The good part? Once I’ve adapted to a situation, I’m good and happy! Even though I am afraid at first, I can find the joy in situations and live the moment to its fullest, which I’m proud of.

6.   My heart is content when I’m near a beach.

More specifically, my soul feels at ease when I’m near the water. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel so calm and at peace when near the beach. Something about it just instantly resets and refreshes my outlook. After living at the beach this summer, I have pretty much constantly wanted to go back. In a place where everything is glazed over with golden sunlight, glinting off the waves and sparkling across sunsets, you cannot possibly be stressed.

7.   I’ve always loved to write, but didn’t think I could do it professionally until this year.

I am a passionate person-I love lots of things, and like to try and be good at lots of things. While I always loved writing, from when I was little and carried around journals for recording my days and notebooks for writing long, imaginative short stories, I never imagined that I could ever pursue writing (or be good enough). Over the years, countless teachers and of course my family have encouraged me to pursue my passion. When I came to college and had such astoundingly brilliant professors nudging me towards the English department, and then I landed my job writing for the Emmitsburg News-Journal (a local paper!), I started to really believe in my own dream.

I don’t know where I’ll end up one day, but for right now, I believe in doing the things I love and celebrating what makes each of us special and passionate.

8.   I became infinitely more confident during my senior year.

After having a pretty terrible experience with bullying in high school, I thought I would never have friends, or see myself as beautiful or talented. I couldn’t see past the hateful words that had been thrown at me for years, and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by how deeply those wounds ran. During my senior year, I did dual enrollment, which let me be free of the high school environment. I did an internship that has changed my life and outlook entirely, and made me a better, kinder, more positive person. And at graduation, I walked across that stage with more confidence than I’d ever thought possible, and a smile on my face.

After an amazing summer, I got to college, where I’m flourishing. I feel confident, smart, recognized, pretty. I am proud to be me, and that’s something I am grateful for everyday. I’m sorry this post got sappy. This is something I’ve been hesitant to write about on the blog, but it is a big part of the change I’m so happy is occurring while in college. Growth is good, especially when it means learning to be 100% okay with yourself! No matter what stage of life you are in, you’re going to experience negativity, self-doubt, anxiety, and loneliness. Trust me when I say that these things will only help you in the end, shaping you into a more resilient, humble, and all-around amazing person.

9.   I’m a total researcher.

Whether it be seeking out the cutest new coffee shop or restaurant to try out, or researching possible vacation spots for my family, I have always been the type to do some thorough searching before making a decision. I’m a deep thinker and am very sensitive, and like to have as much information as possible to make a good choice!

Funny story: One time when I was younger, I wanted both of my parents to take a day off and take my sister and I to the zoo. I made a full-on Powerpoint presentation outlining all of the pros and cons (of course, stacking the pro side!). In case you’re wondering, it totally worked, and that was a good zoo trip.

10.   There’s nothing I love more than surprising other people.

Just this week I got a text from my mom as she cried after receiving a little surprise package I sent her. I believe in love languages and showing others how much I care. If I can brighten my mom or sister or friend’s day, and make them happy, I think it is the most joyous thing ever.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to share a little about yourself with someone today!

Leave me a comment down below and tell me a fun fact about you!

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  • Helen Marks

    K, you never cease to amaze me…you make Dad and I proud every day. This post was one of my favorites even though it brought tears to my eyes with some of the things you posted. I’m so glad I get to be your Mom. I love & miss you….

    • Kaitlin

      Thank you so much, mom. I love you to the moon and back. It means so much to me to hear you say all of these kind words…I’m so glad you’re my mom and proud to be your daughter. Love you and miss you more <3

    • Kaitlin

      Thank you, Natalie! I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again for tagging me. I love getting a little more insight into the people behind the words-blogs are such a lovely way to form a community of positivity, and this tag definitely aligns with that goal. I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

  • Claire @ October Rain

    I never had confidence in myself until I left high school as well! I wasn’t bullied throughout high school or anything, but something about that environment made me feel very shy and quiet. It wasn’t until I got a retail job shortly after graduating that required me to talk to customers and sell electronics. When I got into university, I wasn’t afraid to present, ask questions in class, make conversation with my classmates, and all.

    Maybe it’s something about high school haha, but I’m so happy I broke out of my shell and found my confidence!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Claire! First of all, thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave such an honest and thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it. I’m so happy for you that you have found your voice and your confidence. As long as you are proud to be who you are, happiness follows along! Thank you again.

  • Jasmine

    We are so similar it’s ridiculous! I love dogs, too! And I get anxious in new situations, especially if I am going somewhere I’ve never been before by myself. it’s a terrible habit, but I’m learning to cope with it. I LOVE your pictures!! I need more pictures of myself for my blog and insta.

    • Kaitlin

      Jasmine, I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I wish I could just turn off the little worrisome tendencies I have, but I’ve accepted that it’s a part of who I am and am working on being able to work through it! My mom is one of the only people who can completely understand and calm me down, even from far away. Thank you so much for the feedback! If we ever met I would gladly take pictures for you; having friends who understand and are always willing to conduct a mini-photoshoot for fun is the best!

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